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Aquatic Products

Suppliers of Barley Straw nets and booms for the management of Algae in aquatic environments.

Our products are hand made by us from the finest British Barley Straw.

We produce two sizes of product:


1kg, 300mm x 200mm approximately



5kg, 1500mm x 300mm approximately

Click here for detailed specification


It has long been known that the use of Barley Straw can, as part of a management plan, assist in the control of Algae within an aquatic environment.

With much internet research available, both informal and academic we will leave you to determine what product best fits your needs, but here is some basic information that might be useful:

1) Barley Straw DOES NOT clean up, kill, or remove, existing algal growth, it suppresses new growth.

2) 50g of Barley Straw is required per square metre of water area.

3) The Barley Straw is best effective when the water warms up to xxdegrees centigrade

4) The Barley Straw should not be fully submerged

5) When the Barley Straw xxxx it should be removed and replaced

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